Chemicals & Plastic Trading
Chemicals & Plastic Trading

In order to provide the comprehensive services to our customers, PW Trading Department has been established and mainly focuses on the plastic materials and plastic related chemicals trading.


1) PVC Heat Stabilizers

Supplier Katsuta: Liquid base; PVC food wrapping film application high transparency; high efficiency;

low odor;


A. CZ-407 (Ca-Zn stabilizer)

                      B. Li-St stabilizer

- Approved by JHPA, Which can be used

- for the food packaging

                      - High Temperature stability (LCP, High

                        Heat PA)

- Commit the food contact requirements

- of GB & FDA

                      - Reduce foaming effect during the injection


- Good coloring ability

                      - Good ejection (injection)

- Good heat stability


- High Transparency


- Less odor


- Less precipitate

C. Gel All (Nucleating Agent)
                             D. KPW-12P (Stabilizer)

- High Transparency, especially for the

  recycled PP material

                      - Improve the compatibility & reduce the

                        ‘Eye Mucus’ happen on the die head

- High Gloss (60°)                              - Strengthen the dispersion performance

- Improve the POE mechanical properties,

  eg. Flexural Modulus increased 10-30%

                             - Improve the transparency

- Reduce the time required for the


                      - Commit the FDA requirement for the

                        food packaging



2) Special Lubricant

Supplier Katsuta: Powder or Masterbatch base; for sheet grade or blowing film PE PP PS EVA application reduce die head deposit; improve melt fracture; improve surface smoothness and gloss; energy saving



- High lubrication

- Improve the film surface gloss

- Commit GB & FDA food packaging requirement



3) Plastic Materials

Styrolution, HK Petrochemical, Denka, LG Chem, Toray, Teijin Chemicals, Polyplastics, Asahi Kasei