Functional Masterbatch KPW-12P
Functional Masterbatch KPW-12P

Functional Masterbatch KPW-12P

Description: KPW-12P is a functional masterbatch which can greatly improve the dispersion, compactibility and transparency of the wrapping film. It could be used with ifferent types of plastic, e.g. PP, PE, EVA, PA, PS, ABS, etc.


Features: Reduce the 'Eye Mucus' formation on the die head of the extruder


Material: PP (MFR 1.0-1.5 g/10min) & Color Pigment

Extruder: 65mm diameter

Die Head Temp.: 230℃

Output: 100kg/hr

KPW-12P Dosage: 2,000 ppm


Fig.1 The effect of the Eye Mucus on the die head during the PP coloring is dimished after using the KPW-12P with 2000ppm dosage.


After using the KPW-12P, the substance accumulated on the die head is diminished and this could be also reflected by the reduced pressure of the extruder during the process.



Material: HDPE 100 phr + Calcium Carbonate 6 phr + Additives 0.2%

Additives: Ca-St; Mg-St; KPW-12P

Extruder dia.: 30mm

L/D Ratio: 17

Rotational Speed: 150rpm

Mesh: 600

Die Head Temp.: 210℃

Fig.2 The rate of pressure increase of the extrusion is the smallest after using the KPW-12P when comparing to the others additives, Ca-St & Mg-ST.


From the above diagram,  KPW-12P demonstrates a steady pressure incresae during the extrusion amongst the other additives (Ca-St & Mg-st). It could be due to the enhanced compactibility of the plastic and the inorganic substance by KPW-12P, the effect of the substance accumulation on the screen and die head was reduced. Moreover, the lubrication feature of KPW-12P can also improved the 'Melt Fracture' problem, which can also reduce diminish the pressure during the extrusion.


Features: Enhance the Transparency of the Film

Material: LLDPE Film (MFR 2.0 g/10min)

Tt (Total Light Transmittance) = Td (Diffuse Light Transmittance) + Tp (Parallel Light Transmittance)


The above table shows that the film transmittance and haze are measured and found that KPW-12P can further reduce the haze of the film by 30%.


It shows that the transparency of the film is obviously improved when using 0.2% KPW-12P afterwards.


Product Applications:

- PE wrapping film (especially high material ratio of LLDPE & MLLDPE)

- HDPE wrapping film

- OPP / CPP film

- PP sheet

- LLDPE piping

- EVA-LDPE wiring

- PP-Mg (OH)2 Environmental wiring